10 Cities Off the Beaten Path in Germany - Germany's Hidden Gems

     For those who like traveling off the beaten path, or maybe you've just already seen the major stops and want somewhere new. Either way, I've gathered some amazing spots to see in Germany that you may have yet to hear of. I'll start closest to one of Europe's major airport hubs, Frankfurt, and work around.


     A stunning riverside city with views all around. The perfect city to simply enjoy walking through with the classic city squares, half-timbered homes, striking bridges, castles, tales, and river views. Make sure to stop by the red-sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle on top of Königstuhl hill.

Schwäbisch Hall

     Looking for classic fairytale towns? This tiny little town looked like something straight out of a storybook! There isn't actually much to do here, but it's a perfect little stop on your way somewhere. And the town is so quiet, it's an instagrammers dream!

     Not far from the town also lies a German Rural Life Museum (Hohenlohe Freilandmuseum Schwäbisch Hall Wackershofen) if you want to go back in time to an old German farm town.



     Have you always wanted to see the Swiss Alps, but scared off by the price tag? Well there are plenty of other countries to see the infamous Alps in! The Alps also run through the south of Germany where Berchtesgaden lies. Not only is it far more affordable, but a great place to see some amazing views.

     And you may have seen the nearby lake, Königssee, around on Instagram. You can spot some stunning ice caves around this lake!


     Home of the smoked beer! Need I say more? Even if you're not a beer lover, this unique local beer is worth trying. Bamberg's most famous brewery is a historic smoked beer brewery called Schlenkerla. This 6th-generation family brewery has been brewing beer since 1405 and still taps beer the traditional way with wooden barrels. Make sure you stop by the Rathaus (City Hall) afterwards to check out the unique architecture.



     A must stop is the Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth. This naturally formed rock labryinth was stunning to walk through. As it's built around natural formations, it made for a pretty funny adventure of maneuvering through small openings and even some floor crawling. So make sure you have good shoes on for this adventure! We were told there was an entry fee, but nothing was around other than a "pay what you can" donation box making this a perfect stop for those on a budget.



     You may not have heard of Weimar before, but Weimar is known for its German cultural heritage and its importance in German history. The city was home to the Bauhaus movement, the leading personalities of German literature, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, the Weimar Republic, and was one of the cities mythologized by the National Socialist propaganda. Today, many places in the city centre have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Duchess Anna Amalia Library (pictured below).



     Lübeck is a northern German city that was once the medieval capital of the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading confederation. It's worth stopping by as the city is not only filled with beautiful brick Gothic architecture, but it is home to major marzipan producer, Niederegger! Niederegger marzipan is famous for it's quality as their marzipan is made of 100% almond paste – no added sweeteners or other additives. So stop by their cafe for some unique marzipan treats like marzipan icecream, marzipan cake, or marzipan coffee!




     Bremen may sound familiar due to the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, "Town Musicians of Bremen" (Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten). If so, there's a statue dedicated to it next to the city hall that you can visit and rub for luck. But Bremen is filled with so much more to see than just the statue. I'd highly recommend taking a city tour while you're in town because there are so many fun stories about the city. We were lucky enough to have a friend from Bremen show us around, and we thought the city was absolutely interesting!



     You may have actually seen photos of this city rotating around Instagram. It's started to get some attention internationally due to it's street lined with cherry blossoms.

     While I was passing by this town, it wasn't cherry blossom season, but I still thought I had to return. Why? Because of the 'Haus der Geschichte' Museum! If you have an interest in history or will be moving to Germany, this German post-war history museum is a must see.


Rhine Valley Gorge

     I've unfortunately only had the opportunity to drive through this area. I hadn't even heard of the area before, but I fell in LOVE as we were passing through. I will definitely have to return one day, possibly for a river cruise. Winding rivers, vineyards, castles, riverside cities - what more can you ask for?

What did I miss? Do you have favorite hidden gems in Germany? Let me know in the comments below!