November 20, 2019


Hi! I am a Korean-American expat named Cherry, and I recently moved to Jena, Germany (Nov 2017). Hence the blog name, From Cherry to Kirsche (Cherry in German). I lived in Atlanta, Georgia (East Coast baby!) almost my entire life where I met my husband, Remington. We left Atlanta to start a new life in Germany where my husband received a new job offer. I love to travel but had never had the chance to travel outside of the US so this was a crazy new step!

I started this blog because my husband told me that he would handle all relocation matters with his new workplace, and...of course, he didn't! Thus, our relocation was a bit disastrous, but I hope to help prevent the same for you. It was pretty hard looking through so many different expat forums and websites only to find out that a lot of it didn't apply to us because we were in a much smaller town and due to regional differences. It was also really time consuming to flip through so many comments and pages on a time crunch. So I've compiled everything I learned about moving to Germany (both big and small city life!) and settling into a new apartment in one website to help you be far more prepared than we were in a streamlined manner.

I also love to travel, cook, & draw so hopefully you enjoy those posts too.
If you're mainly here for travel photos, check out my travel instagram here!

⭐️ Facts About Me ⭐️

Sorry to disappoint, but I am not one of those beautiful, elegant lifestyle/travel bloggers. I grew up as a major tomboy, & my go-to outfit is a Tshirt & Sweatpants 😛

I can be a bit eccentric~ If you like personality tests, I am an ISTP (also been tested as INTJ but I relate more to ISTP). It’s true, I like anything crafty that I can make with my hands!

I love the outdoors, camping, & beautiful hikes, but I am, ironically, very unathletic & ungraceful! I hope to work on getting a bit more athletic so that my husband doesn’t have to go so slow with me on our hikes

My favorite place that I’ve traveled to so far was Yellowstone National Park (magical!), but I hope to see some amazing things in Europe soon!

Thank you for reading all of that! I hope to get to know you guys too! Please reach out to me if you ever want to talk or 💕 FOLLOW US 💕

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