Who Am I?

Hi! I'm a Korean-American named Cherry, and I started this blog when I moved to Jena, Germany in 2017. Hence the blog name, From Cherry to Kirsche (cherry in German).

        I lived in Atlanta, Georgia almost my entire life where I met my husband. When my husband was offered a job in Germany, we left my lifelong home for a new adventure. This was a crazy change because I had yet to travel outside of the US! My husband was set to handle the relocation with his new workplace when...some balls were dropped!

        So our relocation ended up a bit disastrous, and I started this blog hoping to prevent the same for others. It can be confusing looking through numerous different expat forums and websites only to find out that a lot of it may not apply to you. So I compiled what I learned about moving to Germany in one website to help others be far more prepared than we were. Hopefully it helps someone out there!

        I also have a long list of interests such as traveling, cooking, DIYing, and arts & crafting, so look forward to a variety of content. For more behind the scenes of everything I make, you can follow my personal instagram! And if you're only looking for travel photos, check out my travel instagram.

        After 3 years of living in a small German town, I am now back in the US. You can find me over in Wilmington, NC transitioning to a beach lifestyle! Please reach out to me if you ever want to talk or đź’• subscribe to my upcoming newsletterđź’•