10 Must Try German Christmas Market Drinks!

This past holiday, I made sure to check out all of the drinks at the German Christmas Markets - just for y'all 😉🍷 So to my new expats, bookmark this post so you won't struggle to understand what's what when the Christmas Markets come back around!

Glühwein 🍷

probably the most famous of all #ChristmasMarket drinks. It's hot mulled wine, but less sweet than you'd find in America. You can get both red (rot) and white (wieß) #glühwein here in Germany. I find the taste can vary quite a bit from stand to stand and also from city to city

Flavored Glühwein

There are tons of variations of glühwein available so you won't get bored.
          Some common ones you'll find are:
          ⤞ Kirsche - Cherry
          ⤞ Apfel Zimt - Apple Cinnamon
          ⤞ Orange Ingwer - Orange Ginger
          ⤞ Heidelbeere - Huckleberry
          ⤞ Pflaume - Plum

Feuerzangen Tasse/Bowle 🔥

A traditional form of glühwein where a rum soaked sugar cone is set on fire to drip into the cup (pictured above!) or a large pot of glühwein

Eierpunsch/Eierlikor 🥚

The German eggnog - very different from the American eggnog. I'd say it's a bit thinner and not as rich. It's also made with white wine, not rum. It's a good alternative if you're looking for a creamy drink, or you just don't like wine.

Met 🍯

Just the German word for Mead (alcohol made from honey), but warmed up~

Jager Tee 🍵

Sometimes spelled Jaga Tee, but it's simply hot black tea with rum. Perfect for a non-sweet alternative!

Williams Birne/Christ 🍐

Some of the markets will have this delicious pear brandy warmed up for you, but I haven't seen it in many cities. If you love pear though, you can find a bottle of this at the grocery store, mix some pear juice in, and just warm it up at home. You'll see it right away because there is often a whole pear in the bottle!

Non-alcoholic drinks 🔞

Non-alcoholic drinks you could try are KinderPunsch (hot mulled juice) or Schokolade (hot chocolate). If you also just love hot chocolate, but don't need to stay away from alcohol, all of the stands will happily add in a shot of rum or amaretto for you.

Glühbier 🍺

Something bizarre that I haven't seen but heard of is Glühbier. Hot, spiced BEER exists! 😰 Apparently often served with cherry juice to give it a bright red color. Sounds horrific to me, but I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you for sure! Would you give glühbier a try?

Hope this comes in handy for some of y'all! Thanks for reading ✌