in Germany

Here are some tips on using Amazon in Germany! (because we all know how attached to Amazon Prime I was in the US 😂) This is not an ad, I'm actually not happy with the recent news of how Amazon workers are being treated and would prefer not to promote them, but I also know how much of a life saver Amazon can be. is technically different from So if you get any moving away/congratulations gift cards for, you cannot use them with 

Which means, your prime membership also isn't valid for You'll have to cancel your Prime Membership and sign up for a new one on Which isn't a big issue if you time the yearly membership right, but this can be a bit confusing because your login is valid for both sites but your Prime Membership doesn't work for so you have to make a new account if you want Prime. Also, they do Prime Membership here by the month which is interesting. does have a language function on the top right of the page so you can use the site easily even if you don't speak German. It'll translate your English searches into German for you too!

You CAN use your US credit cards on so if you have some credit cards that don't charge international fees, you're in luck. Initially, we thought we could only use a German bank account because other German sites wouldn't let me order without a German billing address for the card. But that isn't the case with Amazon, you can use your US credit cards.

Which leads me to say, a lot of items on seem to be credit card only? There have been quite the number of items that we can't purchase with our German bank account. And considering credit cards are rare here and expensive (usually come with yearly fees?), your US credit cards may come in handy.
(Update - we may have had issues with our bank account because our 'PayDirekt' wasn't activated. We have had no issue purchasing items on with our bank account since we activated it)

It doesn't seem has as good of deals as it did in the US. I've found our local Kaufland (kind of like a German Walmart but smaller?) has comparable prices if not often, cheaper products. So check your local store prices because isn't always cheaper here. It is still very helpful for finding plenty of things we wouldn't see at the local stores though!

Which leads me to say, if you can't find something locally nor on Amazon, don't be afraid to look on other sites. Online shopping seems to be popular here as shipping is usually only 5 Euros or free if you buy a certain amount. For example, my husband's coworkers purchase their craft beers online. They recommended we look online for GF beers as my husband has Celiac's.